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We all like to escape sometimes. The great news is, here in Birmingham, you don’t have to go far to find some amazing green spaces where you can relax in the city centre (and a couple further afield). Here are some of our favourite places close to our Birmingham apartments in the heart of the city:



Victoria Square, which many see as the heart of Birmingham, is ringed by some of the city’s finest old buildings. It’s a busy, pedestrianised square, but one where you can always find a place to chill out. Victoria Square is used regularly for arts events, so you might find yourself enjoying some high-quality entertainment.

The square is graced by four artworks by Dhruva Mistry. These include The River, a monumental bronze figure of a woman. For many years the figure lay in a pool with fountains, which earned her the nickname The Floozie in the Jacuzzi. These days, the beautiful Floozie is on dry land and surrounded by greenery.

You’ll find BMAG (Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery) at the top of Victoria Square.

Birmingham's floozie in the jacuzzi statue
The River by Dhruva Mistry in Victoria Square


Birmingham’s newest park and right in the city centre at Millenium Point. Eastside offers 14,000 square metres of green space. Enjoy the trees, a large canal water feature and a square with jet fountains.


A library may not be the most obvious place to head in search of green spaces in the city, but Birmingham is full of surprises. You’ll find a secret garden (pictured in our header image above) on the seventh floor of the library with views over the city.

The library is in Centenary Square, which has undergone a major transformation over the past five years.


Birmingham Cathedral is a beautiful building and the grounds it sits in are the perfect place to relax. Grab a coffee, grab a bench and watch the world go by.

Birmingham Cathedral Grounds by @dlanodcamanoo
Birmingham Cathedral Grounds by @dlanodcamanoo


Birmingham has more canals than Venice, but we’re not going to claim that we can equal the beauty of that city’s waterways (where can?!). However, Birmingham’s canals cut through the busy city and bring nature in. Gas Street Basin is a good spot to start a walk (and very photogenic) if you are in the area of The Mailbox.

Gas Street Basin taken by Christine Wright
Gas Street Basin by Christine Wright



We have a serious soft spot for the Botanical Gardens; one of our favourite green spaces in Birmingham. They’re our city’s equivalent of London’s Kew Gardens. Founded in 1829, the gardens have the relaxing feel of a large Victorian park covering 15 hectares. Head for The Botanical Gardens for a great family day out.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens taken by  Dan Sturley
Birmingham Botanical Gardens by Dan Sturley

Winterbourn House and Gardens

Currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

Winterbourn is an absolute delight. The house was built in the Arts and Crafts style for the Nettlefold family in 1903. You’ll find examples of Birmingham crafts from that era throughout the house.

Margaret Nettlefold designed the gardens. She was inspired by the ideas of the brilliant Gertrude Jekyll. Jekyll collaborated with the architect Edward Lutyens on many of his projects. The gardens were restored in 2008 and then Grade II Listed .

Winterbourn is owned by the University of Birmingham. It’s not far to travel from the city centre and well worth the effort.

Winterbourn House and Garden by Barry Whitehead
Winterbourn House and Garden by Barry Whitehead

Thanks to @urban_savage_photography for our header image of @koko_sucre and to Birminghamweare.com for their help with sourcing images. Visit their website to find out more about green spaces in Birmingham.