Seven great ideas to make your stay greener

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We have a strong company ethos at Staying Cool and a part of that is care for the environment. We believe that is part and parcel of running an ethical business and we're always trying to improve further using suggestions from staff and guests alike. Here are 7 ways we make sure that the most stylish serviced apartments Birmingham has to offer are also environmentally sound:



7 Green Ideas At Staying Cool

  1. Our sofas are built using wood from a sustainable source by Naughtone, an environmentally-friendly company based in Harrogate. The sofas look and feel great too.

  2. We mix mid-century furniture from the fifties, sixties and seventies with specially commissioned pieces such as the sofas above. We salvage items and restore them to their former glory: our dining chairs are all refurbished sixties originals.

  3. We provide locally sourced organic (or free range) store cupboard ingredients that are also Fairtrade,  such as hot choc and sugar.

  4. In their apartments, guests find environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as Ecover washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets plus ‘green’ loo rolls.

  5. Guests enjoy hand-blended aromatherapy toiletries products, which are free of SLS’s and parabens. The bottles are biodegradable and recyclable.  

  6. Each serviced apartment gets its own freshly roasted pack of coffee ground in Birmingham, ensuring it is fresh and waste is kept to a minimum.

  7. We invested in a high-tech cleaning system (nicknamed ‘miracle water’) which uses electrolyzed water to clean and virtually wipes out the need for products to be used.

Like the cut of our green jib? Come and stay in style at our serviced apartments in Birmingham.Choose from a two-bedroom penthouse or Maxi, a one-bedroom Clubman or a chic Mini studio apartment.