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Seven tips to make your business travels healthier

Travelling for work may make you the envy of your friends and colleagues, but being away from home can be tough on your body. At Staying Cool, we’ve hosted thousands of guests at our business hotel in Birmingham over the years and here are some of our top tips for working hard yet staying in shape:

1) Get the balance right

If you’re away for just one night a year then we insist that you make the most of it and just have lots of fun! But if you work away from home regularly you might want to give some thought to how to stay in shape

Man on business travel sitting on charcoal sofa in serviced apartment

2) Planning is vital

Take light exercise gear with you on every trip and try to schedule some exercise into your days. Business trips can be hectic, but try to make exercise a priority.  Walk to your work or meeting place if you can. Taking some time out will do your body and your mind good.

Woman writing in notebook. Business travel planning.

3) Stay in your groove

image of swimmers in pool.

4) Embrace your inner squirrel

Business travel can play havoc with your eating habits and you may be surrounded by tempting biscuits and pastries at meetings. When you are travelling on business make sure that you always have a store of low-GI, nutritious snacks – such as nuts or seeds – on you. It could be a conversation opener at meetings too.

Red squirrel sat on log.

5) Get out!

Get as much fresh air as you can. Rent a bike (you can rent Bromptons close to us at Moor Street station) or get walking and find local beauty spots and green spaces. After a hard day’s work, it will do your body good and clear your mind.    

Birmingham's Floozie in the Jacuzzi in Victoria Square
Birmingham’s Floozie in the Jacuzzi located in the city’s beautiful Victoria Square

6) Cooking is cool

Ordering room service or eating restaurant food can be tough on the waistline and arteries. If you work away regularly, checking into a serviced apartment might be good for your health: unlike other business hotels in Birmingham, you’ll have a kitchen and the opportunity to prepare fresh, simple food. A ready meal on the healthy side could be a good compromise (there are five supermarkets within a five-minute walk from us). We’ve prepared a Dining In section as part of our Guest Guide that we hope you’ll find useful.

Healthy business tips Poggenphol kitchen at Staying Cool
Poggenphol kitchen at Staying Cool

7) Breakfast like a king, but not King Henry VIII

A full English breakfast is a thing of wonder, but it’s not always the wisest choice as far as your health is concerned. Why not pick a business hotel in Birmingham where you can choose a healthier start to the day without bacon smells wafting at you from the breakfast buffet? At our Rotunda aparthotel in Birmingham, for example, we provide guests with locally sourced granola, jumbo oats, fresh milk and squeezing oranges plus grapefruit.

Breakfast image taken by guest Jeannine Collister
Breakfast image courtesy of guest Jeannine Collister

So there you go. Seven healthy travel tips. Do you have any to share? Let us know your top tips on how you stay healthy when away from home. Want to learn more? Visit our sustainability matters directory.

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