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Professional photographer Nick Smith shares his top photography tips for capturing the best snaps during your stay at Rotunda. Nick has taken most of the pictures you’ll find on our website.

I’m sure most photographers are like me and just love getting up high and having a different view of the world and in Birmingham, Staying Cool at Rotunda is the downtown uptown place to see the city. If you’ve been you’ll know, if you’ve not, you should! 

The lovely people at Staying Cool asked me for some photography tips to pass on and whilst I’m not quite grand enough to give advice, I would say…

Look up.

Looking up at Staying Cool's Rotunda apart hotel from the pedestrianised Rotunda square outside the Bullring shopping centre
Looking up at Rotunda from Rotunda square

Look down.

Looking down at pedestrians from the floor to ceiling windows of your staying cool apartment
Looking down to the world below from your Staying Cool apartment

Look Across.

Look across the city taking in mixture of architecture including some of Birmingham's famous brutalist buildings
Take in the mixture of architecture across Birmingham’s skyline

Sleep with the curtains open for sunrise.

Enjoy sunrise through the panoramic floor to ceiling windows in each of Staying Cool's apartment types.
Enjoy the early morning sun through your floor to ceiling windows

Have a snifter on the terrace at Sunset.

Capture sunset with a friend from Staying Cool's penthouse apartment balcony
Capture the sunset with a friend

Take a picture before bed.

Snap a pic of the city lights and beyond from the comfort of your Staying Cool kingsize bed
Snap a pic from the comfort of your uber comfy king size bed

And go train spotting in the morning.

Staying Cool's central location provides a unique aspect for train spotting.
A transport enthusiast’s dream

Try that panoramic setting on your iPhone.

Photograph the ultimate panoramic shot of the city with Rotunda's uniquely circular design
Rotunda’s unique circular design makes for the ultimate panoramic

Frame your pictures carefully.

Rotunda's uniquely styled entrance can be found on the doorstep of the Bullring Shopping Centre
You’ll find the entrance to Rotunda on the doorstep of Bullring Birmingham

The people are nice too.

The unique central cores of Staying Cool's Rotunda aparthotel make for a great space for photography.
The core of each floor at Rotunda features photography by Nic Gaunt of Rotunda's redevelopment process. A great backdrop for photo taking.
Take your picture in front of the huge photographs by Nic Gaunt that chart the redevelopment of Rotunda from office block to residential accommodation that you’ll find on every floor, each one is different

And when you’re out of inspiration, open the door on those lovely Staying Cool washing machines, they’re like jet engines.

Take a peak inside Staying Cool's "Jet Engine" style washing machines. An unusual item to photograph.
Take a peak inside our “jet engine” style washing machines, just make sure the cycle has finished first

Finally, my last photography tips. If you’re using the iPhone photo app, my best recipe is to use Brilliance, Brightness, Shadows and just a hint of Vignette but go easy on the Saturation!

Take photos from Staying Cool's penthouse apartment lounge with views of the glowing city lights and beyond.

If you want to know more about Nick and his work, check out his website, Twitter or Instagram.


  • Mini

    Studio (370 sq ft / 34.5 sq m)

    Chic studio apartments on levels 16-19. Floor-to-ceiling windows that open deliver the perfect city vista while bespoke interiors bring the wow factor inside. More info.

    • Sleeps 2
    • 1 Bathroom (with rainfall shower)
  • Roadster Penthouse

    Two bedrooms (1100 sq ft / 102 sq m)

    Dare to be different. A show stopping, 5 star rated, 20th floor penthouse atop an iconic Birmingham skyscraper. Beautifully appointed with designer furniture and a spacious outdoor balcony to really enjoy the views. More info.

    • Sleeps 4
    • 2 Bathrooms (2 baths with rainfall shower)
    • Balcony
  • Clubman

    One bedroom (560 sq ft / 52 sq m)

    A one bedroom serviced apartment with style on levels 16-19. Perfect for two, this home from home offers peace and privacy with great views across the city and beyond. More info.

    • Sleeps 2
    • 1 Bathroom (bath with rainfall shower)
  • Maxi

    Two bedrooms (760 sq ft / 71 sq m)

    Two is the magic number. Double up with two bedrooms, two en-suite bathrooms and a generous living area on levels 16-19. Perfect for sharing, whether you’re at work or play. More info.

    • Sleeps 4
    • 2 Bathrooms (1 bath with rainfall shower plus separate shower)