Travel tips to make your business trips healthier

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Travelling for work may make you the envy of your friends and colleagues, but being away from home can be tough on your body and your mind. 

We've played host to thousands of business people over the years and here are our simple tips for staying healthy when you're out of your usual routine:

1)       Get the balance right
If you're away for just one night a year then we insist that you make the most of it and have plenty of fun. But if you work away from home regularly you should definitely give some thought to how to keep in shape. Don't allow business travel to damage your health.

2)      Planning is vital
Take basic sports gear with you on every trip and try to build up a sweat every day while you are away. Business trips can be hectic, so it's a good idea to put reminders on your phone. That way, you're far more likely to get workouts done.

3)      Recreate your home routine
Runner? Get online and find out where the best runs are close to your accommodation. Runkeeper is simple to use and global. 

Missing classes? There are some excellent free workouts online. All you need is good Wi-Fi and you're off. To follow this one from Men's Fitness all you need to get fit is a couple of chairs. 

Swimmer? Hotel pools can be disappointingly small and unsuitable for swimming lengths. Ask whoever books your accommodation to check this before your company pays a premium for having a pool or check out public pools online. We find that hunting down local lidos and outdoor pools always pays dividends - using one feels like being on holiday.  

Fitness phobic? You could try a free 10-day trial from InstructorLive  while you're away. Work on your fitness in private and return home feeling better than when you left.  

4)      Snack cleverly
Endless meetings can play havoc with your eating habits and you may be surrounded by tempting pastries for days at a time. Make sure that you always have a store of low-GI, nutritious snacks - such as nuts - on you.

5)      Cooking is cool
Ordering room service or eating restaurant food can be hard on the arteries if you indulge too often. We're biased on this one, but checking into a serviced apartment could be good for your health, especially one as well-equipped as ours. Having a kitchen and the opportunity to prepare simple, healthy food is something that your heart will thank you for.

6)      Breathe
Get as much fresh air as you can
. Rent a bike or get walking and search out green spaces. After a hard day's work, it will do your body good and clear your mind. 

SCIENCE BIT: Just half an hour of cardio will boost your immune system and make you feel happier.

7)      Breakfast like a King, but not King Henry VIII
A full English breakfast is a thing of wonder, but it's not always the wisest choice as they are often swimming in unhealthy fats. Choose a place to stay where you can make a better start to the day. At our serviced apartments in Birmingham, for example, we provide guests with Rude Health cereals, fresh milk and squeezing oranges.

Do you have any healthy travel tips to share? Let us know how you stay in shape when you are away from home.

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