Why serviced apartments are family-friendly places to stay

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Looking for an alternative to squeezing your family into a hotel room? Here are our 7 top reasons why serviced apartments are family friendly places to stay:

1) More space to relax
All parents know that more space equals less stress. You get 30% more space on average in a serviced apartment than in an equivalent hotel room. You’ll also appreciate the joy of separate sleeping and living spaces.

2) Enjoyable evenings
If the kids are in their own room then you can stay up later and make the most of your apartment suite rather than having to go to bed when they do. Sharing an apartment with kids is simply far more civilised.

3) Saving on food and drinks
Eating out can cost a fortune, especially with a whole family to pay for. With a kitchen of your own, serviced apartments give you the ultimate flexibility. Eat out if you want to, order in a takeaway, grab a supermarket ready meal or cook for yourselves.

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4) Downtime
Kids can get fractious if they are on the go all day. An apartment gives you plenty of space to relax with a cuppa while the kids recharge their batteries or enjoy a daytime nap.

5) No timetable
Family life can be a bit frantic with school runs and clubs to get to and that’s the last thing you need on holiday. In an apartment, you can all relax and do what you want when you want. There’s no need to rush downstairs before breakfast finishes and a late-night snack can be rustled up in a flash.

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6) Keep it clean
We all know that kids can get filthy while they’re having fun! Most serviced apartments contain a washing machine, meaning that you can travel light and wash away any horrors. You won't need to worry about any other cleaning during your stay thanks to the housekeeping service

7)The final bill
Travelling with kids can be very hard on the wallet. Choose a serviced apartment and your rate is for the whole place rather than per person. Also, there are no hidden hotel extras or (horror of horrors) extortionately priced mini bars for your kids to raid while your back is turned.

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About Staying Cool at the Rotunda
We hope that you've enjoyed '7 reasons why serviced apartments are family friendly places to stay'. We run 35 family-friendly serviced apartments at our aparthotel in Birmingham including two-bed penthouses and Maxis with large living spaces. They provide all of the above advantages to staying in a serviced apartment plus free, reliable Wi-Fi for the whole of your stay (vital with teens!) and a high-end SKY package. We also offer a complimentary package called Cool for Kids. It includes essentials such as free cots and highchairs plus treats for the kids on arrival.