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Our team at Rotunda have prepared some useful how-to videos to help you get to know the items in and around your apartment.


In this section you will find some helpful videos relating to your:

Apartment door

Coffee machine


Electricity trip switch

Evacuation and safety procedures

Frying pan

Hot water




Towel rail


Washer dryer

How do I lock the apartment door?

How do I make an espresso?

How do I make an americano?

How do I make a latte?

How do I turn on my dishwasher?

Where will I find the electricity trip switch?

Where will I find the fire evacuation & safety procedure?

Where will I find a frying pan?

How do I boost the hot water?

How do I use the electric juicer?

How do I use the microwave?

How do I adjust the radiator?

How do I turn on my towel rail?

How do I use Sky TV?

How do I use the washer-dryer?

If there is any information you cannot find above or if you have an idea for our next how-to video, get in touch with our guest relations team who will be happy to assist. You’ll also find more information about your apartment in our Apartment Guide.