Data Protection

The aim of this short document is to set out what data we require from our guests, why we need it and why we keep some information after your stay.

How is your credit card information stored?

Your credit card is stored on a secure server in the UK. The card information is encrypted and only made available to us when you order a service that has a cost eg an overnight stay. We can only access the last four digits of your card.

Your privacy

Any personal data you give to us will be used to respond fully to your enquiry, make a booking with us or send you appropriate electronic marketing offers/updates (if you have 'opted in' to receive one of our six emails a year). This information that you give us will then be stored securely on our database. We still store records of guests who stayed with us in 2005 and have no intention at the moment of deleting these records or any subsequent bookings.

Staying Cool - controller of your personal data

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, we, Stayingcool Limited, are a data controller. In order to process your booking or request we need to collect certain personal details from you ahead of your stay. These details will include your name and contact details (address, mobile and email) and those of your party members. We keep your contact details, booking date, the apartment you stayed in and the rate you paid, and when you paid in perpetuity on our bookings database.

If you provide them, we may also keep information about any special requirements such as those relating to any food preferences, disability or medical conditions that may affect your stays with us on our bookings database.

Why we collect this data

We are required by law to keep a record of who (name and full postal address) is staying with us at any given time. For overseas visitors we are also required to keep your passport number and its place of issue. We need these details to process your booking and we also use this information to help us determine patterns in who is staying with us and where are guests come from.

In addition to this basic information we may also take a copy of the front part of your credit card and a copy of a recognized form of ID. We collect this information (once only) for four reasons:

  • to help us protect card owners against identity theft (we have thwarted several attempts)
  • to protect us against credit card fraud and resultant charge backs where we have to repay the cost of the guest's stay either because the guest stayed using someone else's card or because the guest has fraudulently tried to say that they didn't stay. This is why we store your information for 13 months.
  • to give you a much quicker check-in for second and subsequent stays. If you are a regular guest, with your agreement, we will keep your ID details on our database for as long as you are continuing to stay with us.
  • for security purposes - we need to know who is staying with us so we can provide that information to the authorities in case of any major incidents.
How we store your data

We store all this information on line on our bookings database. Any paper copies are scanned in and the paper version shredded within three months of receipt (normally sooner) and securely stored until that time.

Third Parties

We will never share your data with any third parties except in the two extreme scenarios below:

  • in the event that we are subject to a change of ownership or corporate structure, we may need to disclose your personal data to persons who need to know in order for the transaction to proceed. 
  • Following an information request from the police or your bank or credit card company about the dates of your stay.
Your decision to Opt In 

If you do not want us to send you any marketing updates then we won't. We will only contact you (always by email) if you have asked us to (and we never send anything to your home address).

If you do opt-in and change your mind, it is very easy to opt out again by either contacting us direct and making the request or by logging into your account with us on-line.

Your right to know what we store about you

We have appropriate security measures in place to protect all your data. You are entitled to ask us (by letter or e-mail) what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they maybe or have been disclosed. We promise to respond to your request within 7 days of receiving your written request. In certain limited circumstances we are entitled to refuse your request.

If you believe that any of your personal details are inaccurate or incorrect please let us know.

Our privacy statement covers only Staying Cool Limited. Links to other websites and any information collected by these sites are not covered by this privacy statement. We would encourage you to reread our privacy statement from time to time so that you are aware of any changes in how we gather and use personal information.

Tracking Devices or 'Cookies' on our Websites

As part of data protection law we are required to let you know when we use any kind of tracking devices or 'cookies' on our website. We do use tracking software on our website which simply allows us to see which form of online advertising is sending us the most customers, therefore allowing us to maximise any marketing budget we spend according to what it is delivering us. It also allows us to track the most popular areas of our website. It does not tell us any personal data about you other than what country you are based in. The software does use 'cookies' in order to recognise you when you come back to the site again so we can see how often you visit us. A 'cookie' is simply a piece of information that a website stores on your computer so that it can retain information about you or recognise you at a later time.

Please note: If you make a booking online, our booking engine may require you to have cookies enabled in your browser. This is a necessary part of our security procedures for online bookings.

If you do not wish to have cookies enabled simply give us a call on +44 (0)121 285 1250 or email [email protected].

Advertising and cookies
  • Google show our ads on sites on the internet.
  • Google use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to our website.
  • You can opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page.


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