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Rotunda,150 New Street, Birmingham B2 4PA

Our Mini apartments are located on the 16th-­19th floors of a 2008 conversion of a 1960’s office block that is now a residential development. This serviced apartment is one of six types that we have at Rotunda. We have named them all after vehicles from the 1960’s made down the road at Longbridge:

  • Mini: Studio apartment
  • Clubman: One bedroom apartment
  • Clubman­-Cabriolet: One bedroom apartment with roof terrace
  • Clubman­-Olympian: One bedroom duplex apartment with roof terrace
  • Maxi: Two bedroom apartment
  • Penthouse: Two bedroom apartment with balcony

Before you arrive

You can make a booking via:

Email: h[email protected]

● Phone: 0121 285 1250​


Birmingham New Street Train Station is 300m from Rotunda. There is step­free access from the station to the building. There is a ramp for the final 75 metres.

The nearest bus stop is on St Martin’s Circus Queensway (100m away) The nearest 24 hour RADAR toilet is in New Street Station, approximately 300m from Rotunda.

Checking ­in and out

Check­in is from 3pm and check out is at noon. That said, we try to be as flexible as we possibly can so do get in touch if you want to arrive/depart outside of these hours and we’ll see what we can do.


Car parking

There is no car parking in the building, however there are four parking bays reserved for blue badge holders in Worcester Street, which is directly adjacent to the south western side of the building (the same side as New Street Station).There is step-­free access from these bays to the entrance of Rotunda.

There is ample parking for all drivers at the Bullring. The Bullring ‘Centre’ car park provides dedicated disabled spaces on level 2 for users of Shopmobility and Blue Badge holders.

Shopmobility offers a valuable service for those with limited mobility, providing a range of motorised and manual wheelchairs for hire that make getting around that bit easier.

Bullring also has disabled parking spaces located in Moor Street and Edgbaston Street car parks


Pedestrian Entrance

The entrance to Rotunda is in the pedestrian area of central Birmingham. It is on New Street, between Zara and Carphone Warehouse.

Access to the building is gained by ringing the concierge from the panel to the left of the front door. (We will issue you with an electronic door fob for you to use whilst staying with us.)


Reception area

The reception area is very spacious (30m x 20m) and has a slate floor.

The floor slopes away from the entrance door for 10 m into the centre of the building.

The concierge desk is on the left. It is 50cm high at its lowest point and 90cm high at its highest. The desk is fitted with a hearing loop.

The lifts are directly ahead, in the centre of the building.

Getting from reception to your apartment

The lifts are 5m from the reception desk.The lift doors are 94cm wide and the interior is 140cm by 190cm. The lift has visual and audio floor indicators and a call switch plus an alarm button for emergencies (with direct voice contact with the lift company)

The entrance to the staircase is on the right, just as you reach the central ‘core’ of the building. It is open concrete and has a handrail to the left hand side only (as you go up). The apartment is nineteen flights up. The stairs are 30cm deep, 150cm wide and 18cm high.

The apartments are all arranged off each floor’s central core. We will for the purpose of this document use Level 19 as an example, all other floors (with exception of Ground, 2 and 20) are identical. Apartments are numbered sequentially in a clockwise direction from 1900 to 1913.

There is one area of corridor, from apartment 1903 to 1907. The corridor is 150cm wide.

There are lobby areas outside apartments 1908 - 1913 and 1900. The access to these areas is 110cm wide.

The lighting is provided by halogen spots, which are triggered by motion sensors. Low emergency lighting is permanently on.

The Apartment

The door to the apartment is solid wood, therefore quite heavy. Its opening is 76cm wide and has a deadlock to secure.The door opens into a corridor, which is 84cm at its narrowest point. This corridor has a door to the bathroom, a gap (with no door) to the bedroom and leads through the kitchen into the living / dining area.

All internal doors have a maximum width of 66cm.

The apartment is fitted with a smoke detector between the kitchen and the bedroom (and on the main landing outside).

The fire alarms will sound but do not have any visual indication.

There is a fire alarm bell on the main landing. It sounds but does not have a visual indication.

The apartment doors will withstand a fire for up to two hours.

In case of a fire that is not within your apartment you should stay inside the apartment until you receive instructions for the Fire Brigade.


The kitchen is along the side of the corridor which leads from the front door to the living / dining area.

The kitchen is all white and the worktops are 95cm high.

The hob is 95cm high. It is halogen ­heated and operated via turn dials.

The oven is electric and has a swing open door (hinged at the bottom). The height of lowest shelf is 46cm. The oven operates through a combination of turn dials; one to select the temperature and one to select the operation.

The sink is 95cm high and has dishwasher underneath, behind a cupboard door (hinged at the bottom with a 2cm metal lip running the width of the cupboard door).

The fridge / freezer is behind a cupboard door next to the oven (hinged right with a 2cm metal lip running the width of the door at the top to open). The highest shelf is 74cm and the lowest compartment is 30cm from the floor. There is a freezer compartment inside the fridge cabinet, at the top.

The kitchen is very well equipped with an espresso maker, simple citrus juicer and other standard electrical appliances.

The flooring is resin ­coated wood and mid grey. It contrasts well to the kitchen units.

The kitchen area is 95cm wide at its narrowest point. There in no furniture in the kitchen area.

The kitchen is all white – walls, worktop and units. It is well lit with spotlights above the work surfaces and ceiling lights (on dimmer switches).

Lounge / Dining Area

The lounge / dining area is open plan and is directly off the kitchen (95cm gap, no door) and bedroom (66cm gap, no door)

There is a glass­-topped, circular dining table 90cm in diameter and supported by metal legs, which are painted white. It is movable.

The two chairs are upholstered in brightly coloured felt and swivel on a round metal base. The chairs have arms and are supported on one central leg. The chairs are 45cm high.

The table has clearance of 90cm, 70cm and 70cm but can be moved to increase the clearance on any of these sides.

The flooring is dark grey carpet. There are no loose rugs.

There is a mid grey, padded sofa with an arm at one ends. The sofa is 35cm high, 60cm deep and 120cm wide.

Furniture is moveable.

The television has Sky channels (including radio stations) and teletext. It is operated via a remote control.

There is also an iPod dock with remote control.

Lighting is via one freestanding floor lamp (150cm high), and ceiling lights on dimmer switches.

The walls are either painted white or papered in dark grey wallpaper.

The windows are fully glazed and run from floor ­to ­ceiling. Two of the living room windows can be opened fully on a sliding mechanism. There is glass wall, mounted in a metal frame 110 cm tall in front of each opening window to prevent access to the opening.

The apartment has curtains at each window, which have no opening mechanism. They slide along ceiling­ mounted tracks.



The main bedroom is accessed either via the lounge (66cm gap, no door) or from the entrance corridor (66cm gap, no door).

The flooring is dark grey fitted carpet. There are no loose rugs.

The bed is 150cm wide x 190cm long with a pocket­sprung mattress with memory foam. The bed height is 65cm from the floor to top of mattress (non­adjustable).

The duvet and pillows are filled with synthetic microfibre (feels like down).

Bath robes, sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are 100% cotton.

The largest transfer space available to left or right of bed is 80cm. At its narrowest point the gap between the bed and the wall is 40cm. The bed is moveable but these dimensions cannot be increased.

Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 90cm by 190cm There are two bedside lamps with tungsten filament bulbs.



The bathroom is off the entrance hall through a door which is hinged outwards into the hall (66cm gap) At its narrowest point the bathroom is 70cm wide.

There is a shower unit with fixed head. It has a step into the unit, which is 26cm high through a gap 50cm wide.

The shower is operated via an off/­off dial and a dial (5cm x 10cm) for temperature control. The controls are at 125cm high.

Free space in bathroom (free of doors and furniture) is 70cm by 135cm.Toilet seat height is 45cm.

The toilet has 65cm space to the near side, a 27cm space to the far side and 23cm gap in front, between the toilet and the handwash wasin.

The flooring is resin­ coated wood and mid grey.

Good colour contrast between floor (grey) and walls (white).

The spaces under the washbasin and toilet are free (no pipes or vanity unit).


Not available on site – there are numerous shops, restaurants and food outlets along New Street and High Street, both directly outside the Rotunda. We offer numerous free essentials on arrival (such as fresh milk, cereals, tea and coffee). We also offer chargeable extras such as breakfast packs which can be prebooked.

Outdoor Area

Rotunda has a communal garden area on floor two. Access to it is via a door that can be found by turning left out of the lift and up two steps. There is no step-­free access to the garden.

A​dditional Information

The apartment comes with a detailed information folder that is produced in two sizes: ten point and 14point. We can provide an audio version on request (48 hours notice required).​

Good mobile phone and wi-fi reception throughout the apartment.​

The apartment is no smoking throughout.

No pets but service dogs are welcome – please do inform us on booking.

We can arrange for any piece of print to be provided as an audio version or as Braille – just let us know and give us 48 hours to arrange it (we do rare and short print runs as our business and services are constantly evolving so we want to make sure information is as up-­to-­date as possible).

Contact us

●  Email: [email protected]

●  Web:

●  Phone: 0121 285 1250

●  Fax: 0121 285 1270

Opening hours: 8.30am - ­10pm, outside of these hours, our phones are manned by an out of hours service and Reception is covered by a member of the Rotunda’s security team.

Useful numbers

  • Public transport: Traveline, 0871 200 22 33
  • Local accessible taxis: ComCab, 0121 566 9000, w​ww.comcab­
  • Shopmobility (Bullring): 0121 616 2942,


We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible in our access statement but we are bound to have overlooked something. Please do let us know if and how we can improve it.