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You won’t find our apartments cheaper anywhere else other than on this website

And if you do, we will refund the difference plus an additional £5. That’s our best rate guarantee.

So you can book with confidence knowing you have chosen the best price, whether you are a first time guest or staying for your second or one hundredth time.

You have two payment options


  1. Best available rate (your card will be charged right away)
  2. Non refundable

Flexible pay on arrival:

  1. Approximately an additional 10% more per night, dependent on the night you want to stay. For example, Sunday nights are generally cheaper than Saturday nights and Monday nights cheaper than Wednesday nights.
  2. 48 hours’ notice needed to change dates or cancel anytime up to by 3pm, 2 days before arrival. We’ll charge your card at this point 

We offer great corporate rates for regular guests: go to our information for business travellers page.

 Book online direct or call us on +44 (0)121 285 1290 to get our best rate guarantee.